Flower boxes

Our wide range of jardinières et leur grande résistance en font un produit idéal pour les espaces extérieurs, car elles offrent une inaltérabilité totale face aux agents atmosphériques.

Polyester characteristics

The mechanical and physical characteristics of a piece of polyester are those described below, which provide this material with a weight-resistance ratio higher than steel:

° Resistance to bending: between 25 and 50 hectobars (kg/m2)
° Bending module: between 25 and 50 hectobars (kg/m2)
° Resistance to traction: between 15 and 30 hectobars (kg/m2)
° Traction module: between 1000 and 2000 hectobars (kg/m2)
° Barcol hardness: between 40 and 80 hectobars (kg/m2)

Advantage of polyester flower boxes regarding built-in flower boxes e

Manufacturing process of built-in flower boxes:

1- Construction of the brick will to give it shape.
2- Coating of the walls, rounding the edges, or otherwise, the roofing felt will not work appropriately.
3- Application of asphalt priming.
4- Application of a polymeric asphalt sheet welded 100% to the coated built-in wall because any area that is missed would cause a possible leak.
5- Mechanically protect the polymeric asphalt sheet with a fibreglass mesh and 3cm of mortar because any scratch or hole in the roofing felt on behalf of the professional or user of the flower box or even the action of the plants’ roots could cause a leak, and therefore, filtrations.
6- It is advisable to tilt the flower box so the water does not stay still and therefore avoid filtrations.

On the other hand, fibreglass reinforced polyester flower boxes have the following advantages:

1- Different shapes to choose from, therefore, image plays a very important role.
2- Filtrations are impossible.
3- Resistance to scratches and holes.
4- Easy to assemble drains and wastepipes.
5- They can be assembled without tilting because there are no problems of possible leaks due to the accumulation of water.
6- Spatial structure made of stainless steel that guarantees its rigidity.
7- Wide range of colours with protection against UV rays.
8- Fast installation even when not carried out by qualified personnel.
9- Polyester flower boxes are impossible to break due to working movements.
10- In the case of impact, polyester garden boxes are easy to repair.

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