Light tubes

We manufacture light tubes with prefabricated polyester base and methacrylate dome, with more than 40 different standardised dimensions in our catalogue, in different versions, whether fixed or adjustable.

In the case of square, rectangular and round light tubes, the height H is equal to 30% of the C D dimension. This height can be modified upon demand. The dimension G varies between 6 and 8 cms depending on the model.

Adjustable light tubes

This system is equipped with a double-travel telescopic screw that is activated manually from inside by means of a handle, which allows us to change the opening angle.

It is used to facilitate the ventilation of bathrooms, lofts, spaces under the stairs, etc.

It is a device equipped with an electric engine, which by means of a button on the wall, allows us to activate the light tube adjusting it to the opening angle desired.
Due to its comfortable activation and elegant conception, this unit is recommended to be installed in those places where image plays an important role.

This device incorporates one or two shock absorbers. The amount and strength of the shock absorbers depends directly on the dimensions and weight of each light tube. This type of light tube is mainly used to grant access to the roof from inside.

This light tube opens totally automatically when the temperature reaches 70ºC, allowing the evacuation of smoke in case of fire.
Optionally, it can be provided with handle, pulleys and cable to open manually from inside, covering both functions (evacuation of smoke - ventilation).

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Light tubes Light tubes Light tubes Light tubes Light tubes Light tubes

Light tubes Light tubes

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