How BikePark works

This innovating bike parking system is made up of a station with 20 individual automatic parking modules. The functioning is similar to the areas with limited times for cars, in Barcelona, called blue zones. The user selects (on a digital screen) the type of action that he/she wishes to carry out: park normal bike, electric bike, management opening (opening the parking without removing the bike) and remove the bike.

The user will insert a PIN number (4 digits maximum) and the coins corresponding to the time that he/she wishes to park.

Subsequently, he/she will be indicated by means of a white light and an alarm which is the parking place assigned, the metal blind will be opened and closed automatically. Once the parking place is closed, a red light will turn on, indicated that it is occupied. To collect the bike you only have to type in the ticket number and PIN code, and request to remove the bike.

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