Terrace enclosure on Five Guys restaurant, Viladecans

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On the Viladecans shopping centre, Barcelona, Perfyplast has asssembled a terrace enclosure with planters on the Five Guys Restaurant.

Montaje completo de la terraza del Restaurante Five Guys

We see on a more complete angle the assembly of the terrace enclosure at the Five Guys Restaurant.

The assembly was made with various side planters, laminar crystals and LED illumination.

Terraza en Restaurante Five Guys, Viladecans visto en diagonal.

Seen diagonally, the side planters of the terrace. It complements a lot that they are next to other plants. it gives more spontaneity.

On a part of the terrace enclosure, a retroilluminated totem has been installed, for it to be more striking.

Totem del montaje de terraza en Five Guys, Viladecans

The totem of the terrace enclosure.