Terrace at Marina Hotel from Badalona

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Perfyplast has assembled a terrace at the Marina Hotel from Badalona, located on the Avinguda d’Eduard Maristany, 227, on Badalona.

Desde cerca, el cerramiento de terraza en Hotel Marina.

Seen up close, the sides of the terrace. We can appreciate the laminar glasses and the sea views.

The terrace at Marina Hotel is situated next to the Badalona port, right in the promenade. We have mounted the terrace of the Vermutería of the Marina Hotel Badalona.

Desde lejos, el cerramiento en Hotel Marina.

We see up from far away the enclosure on Marina Hotel. We can appreciate the colors of the planters, the hotel views and the flora.

The enclosure has been made with gardener modules of 150x80x42cm., on grey colour with a texturized forge effect and with laminar glass of 4+4 mm.. It also includes stainless steel supports.