Outdoor planters

Our wide variety of outdoor planters and their great resistance makes them ideal in outdoor spaces as they offer a total unalterability against atmospheric agents.

Ideal for outdoors

Highly resistant

Fully customizable

Easy installation

Advantages of polyester planters versus construction

Manufacturing process of the construction planters:

1- Tochana wall construction to give the shape.
2- Covering the walls leaving the edges rounded because, otherwise, the asphalt cloth would work in false.
3- Application of an asphalt primer.
4- Application of an asphaltic polymer sheet welded to 100% with the brickwork wall, since any area that would remain false would cause an area of ​​possible filtration.
5- Mechanically protect the asphaltic polymer sheet with a mesh and 3 cm of mortar since any scratching or perforation of the asphalt fabric by the professional or user of the planter or even the action of the roots of the plants would cause a leak, and therefore leaks.
6- It is advisable to give slope to the planter so that the water is not watertight to avoid leaks.

In front of this process, the glass fiber reinforced polyester planters have the following advantages:

1- Diversity of forms to choose with which the aesthetic plays a very important role.
2- Impossibility of leaks.
3- Resistance to chafing and perforations.
4- Easy installation of drains and drains.
5- They can be assembled without giving them slope as there are no problems of possible leaks due to water accumulation.
6- Space structure of stainless steel that guarantees its rigidity.
7- Wide range of colors with protection against UV rays.
8- Quick installation even by unqualified personnel.
9- Impossibility of breakage by movements of the work in the polyester planters
10- In the case of suffering an impact, the polyester planters are easily repairable.

Characteristics of Polyester

The mechanical and physical characteristics of a piece of polyester are the ones detailed below, thus achieving a weight-resistance ratio superior to that of steel:

° Flexural strength: from 25 to 50 hectobars (kg / m2)
° Bending module: from 25 to 50 hectobars (kg / m2)
° Tensile strength: from 15 to 30 hectobars (kg / m2)
° Traction module: from 1000 to 2000 hectobars (kg / m2)
Barcol hardness: from 40 to 80 hectobars (kg / m2)

Ecological covers

The landscaping systems of roofs and roofs of buildings represent a qualitative step in the incorporation of vegetation in urban centers.

In addition to facilitating the development and conservation of green spaces, ecological terraces modify the local microclimate, increasing humidity levels, reducing the risks of pollution by absorbing the particular harmful in suspension, thus purifying the atmosphere.

The installation of an ecological roof on the roof of a building is, in addition to environmental benefits, an aesthetic improvement of the whole and a greater thermal insulation of homes with the consequent energy savings, both in heating and air conditioning.

Modular planters

Design and manufacture of planters in stainless steel, corten steel and wood on request.

Possibility of models to different sizes and with different finishes.

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