Light tubes

Thanks to these products we can take advantage of natural light for a longer time and thus obtain a great energy saving, also guaranteeing greater acoustic and thermal insulation in places such as homes, buildings, offices, premises, pavilions or industrial buildings.

Depending on the needs we can opt for one type or another skylight. If you need to illuminate spaces with low luminosity you can choose the design of one or double dome, which is a type of skylight that prevents condensation forming an intermediate air chamber.

In addition, they will allow us to have more ventilated areas, thus facilitating air circulation and making all rooms more breathable.

In perfyplast we manufacture skylights with prefabricated polyester skirting and a dome made of Metracrylate, of which we have in our catalog more than 40 already standardized measurements, with their various modalities, either fixed or practicable.

In the square, rectangular and circular domes, the height H is equal to 30% of the measure C D. This height can be modified on demand. Measure G ranges from 6 to 8 cms. according to models.

Assembly and Features

Opening Light tubes with direct control

This is a system equipped with telescopic spindle of double route that is manually operated from the inside by means of a crank, which allows to adjust the opening angle.

It is used to facilitate ventilation in bathrooms, attics, stairwells, etc.

Opening Light tubes with electric control

It is a device equipped with an electric motor, which by means of a push-button located on the wall, allows the skylight to be operated up to the desired opening angle.

For its comfortable operation and elegant design, the installation of this unit is recommended in those places where aesthetics play an important role.

Opening Light tubes with remote control

This opening device is composed of one or two shock absorbers. The amount and strength of the dampers depend directly on the measurements and weight of each skylight.

This type is usually used, mainly, to give access to the roof from the inside.

Automatic opening Light tubes in case of fire

This Skylight opens fully automatically when the indoor temperature reaches 70 ° C, allowing the evacuation of smoke in case of fire.

Optionally it can also be supplied with manual opening system through the crank, pulleys and cables, for smoke evacuation and / or ventilation needs.

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