• Manufacturers of planters, skylights and skylights

    Meet our new planters for bars.

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  • Enclosures for Bars

    The enclosures of terraces is the help that restorers need for their business

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  • Planters

    Our wide variety of outdoor planters and their great resistance makes them ideal in outdoor spaces

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The specialists in planters, skylights and skylights

In PERFYPLAST we are specialists in skylights, planters and all types of industrial parts made of glass fiber reinforced polyester (GRP).

We have been manufacturing and developing fiberglass reinforced polyester parts for industry and construction for over 15 years, which allows us to present to the market a wide range of solutions that meet the needs of our clients, offering high quality and comprehensive service.

Our manufacturing and design method extends to the following sectors:

– Manufacturing, supply and assembly of skylights.
– Manufacture of skylights methacrylate dome.
– Manufacture of polyester parts (GRP) for industry and construction.
– Polyester planters.
– Vehicle bodies for road collection and cleaning.
– Bicycle parking system “BikePark”

Our services include a study and advice on all types of projects.


We protect clients


Planters suitable for your business


Design suited to your needs

Our services

At PERFYPLAST we guide and adapt our knowledge to each of our clients to create the product that perfectly meets their expectations.


Ideal in outdoor spaces as they offer a total unalterability against atmospheric agents.


With the skylights you can take advantage of sunlight for more hours of the day and thus save energy while also ensuring greater acoustic and thermal insulation.

Light Tubes

Use in assemblies of skylights, pyramids, skylights, canopies, industrial buildings, greenhouses and any type of overhead installation, give us results of perfect sealing,

Bike Park

This innovative bicycle parking system is configured by a station with 20 individual automated parking modules.


New fiberglass reinforced polyester bodies mounted on PIAGGIO PORTER frames for public street cleaning and material loading in general.

ISO Certificate

ISO Certificate

Why Perfyplast?

Our knowledge

We are your specialists in planters, skylights and skylights.

Certified Experience

Our ISO certification gives us the quality we offer in our services

Competitive price

Our budget adapts to your needs. We will value your project properly

Guaranteed quality

Our works show a quality and details, that configure us as professionals in the sector

More than 15 years

Our professionalism for more than 15 years, endorses us as competent and experienced professionals


Our services accompany a support and studies on the most appropriate way to carry out your projects.

Montaje de jardineras en el Restaurante Traga

Montaje de jardineras en el Restaurante Tragaldabas 🙃

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Montaje de Jardineras Montaje de jardineras en el Restaurante Tragaldabas, situado en la calle Mallorca 96. En esta ocasión, el cerramiento se realizó solo con jardineras, que posteriormente se pueden ir montado los accesorios que se …

Obrador dels 15: Cerramiento con jardineras

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Nuestro cerramiento con jardineras Está ubicado en la panadería Obrador dels 15, en la calle Navas de Tolosa, 401. El montaje se ha realizado con jardineras fijas y abatibles, con sus respectivos vidrios. Estos vidrios están hechos…
Aquí podemos ver el lateral de nuestra jardinera lateral desde una perspectiva en diagonal.

Terraza en Punto y Coma: Jardineras laterales

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Recientemente, ubicamos nuestras jardineras En la terraza del restaurante Punto y Coma, situado en la calle Enric Granados, 52. Este montaje se ha realizado con jardineras y vidrio laminar, con laterales abatibles. En esta imagen, vemos…
Visto en diagonal, este es nuestro cerramiento con jardineras en Pastelería Mix.

PASTELERÍA MIX: Cerramiento con jardineras

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NUESTRO CERRAMIENTO ESTÁ UBICADO EN PASTELERÍA MIX en Rambla Lluís Companys, 4 (Sant Quirze del Vallès). ¿CÓMO ES EL CERRAMIENTO DE PASTELERÍA MIX? Cerramiento con jardineras de 150x80x30 cm., vidrio laminar 4+4 mm., y letreros…
Terraza Dolços Alemany


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Montaje de terraza en DOLÇOS ALEMANY situado en la calle Sant Josep, 19 (Amposta). Para el cerramiento de la terraza se han combinado jardineras de 150x80x30 cm con vidrio laminar 4+4 mm. y mamparas fijas. En los laterales se…