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Nothing gives a more natural and homogeneous touch, planters in the buildings. They inhabit the urban landscape and create a natural and placid atmosphere within worldly chaos.

Flower pots for Bars

Elegant enclosures that give your restaurant or bar, a current design

Light Tubes

Create an atmosphere with natural light and use your energy like never before. The skylights will give a clean and spacious look to your darkest corners.


In office buildings and companies skylights create dynamic and resourceful spaces. The light will enter naturally and cleanly with the skylights that we design

Bike Park

If we want to reduce pollution in our cities, nothing better than using sustainable means of transport such as bicycles. But where to park them? In Perfyplast, we believe in the importance of sustainability, our service Bike Park, meets this objective.


We design and create sustainable vehicles for day jobs and that these are sustainable so that they do not contribute to planetary pollution