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Terrace at Marina Hotel from Badalona

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Perfyplast has assembled a terrace at the Marina Hotel from Badalona, located on the Avinguda d'Eduard Maristany, 227, on Badalona. The terrace at Marina Hotel is situated next to the Badalona port, right in the promenade. We have mounted…

Gardener enclosure at Bitte! Wurst

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Perfyplast has made a gardener enclosure at the restaurant Bitte! Wurst, located in Rambla Catalunya, Consejo de Ciento corner, in Barcelona. This enclosure was made with 8 planter modules of 150x80x30 cm., laminar glass of 4+4 mm. and…

Terrace enclosure on Five Guys restaurant, Viladecans

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On the Viladecans shopping centre, Barcelona, Perfyplast has asssembled a terrace enclosure with planters on the Five Guys Restaurant. The assembly was made with various side planters, laminar crystals and LED illumination. On…

Planters at Bar Manilu

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At Bar Manilu from Zaragoza, located in Paseo Calanda, 84, a terrace enclosure with planters has been done. The wheels are of measurements 150x80x42 cm., on grey color with a textured smithy effect. At client's petition, the cristals…
Cerramiento de jardineras en Komo Poké Bowl

Enclosure on Komo Poké Bowl

Enclosure done on the restaurant Komo Poké Bowl, on the street Muntaner 248. Enclosure done with planters of 150x80x30 cm with the corresponding laminar glass and stainless steel supports along with installed LEDs.
Terrace enclosure in Wings House

Terrace Enclosure in Wings House

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Terrace enclosure in WINGS HOUSE, located on the street Consejo de Ciento 220. An assembly with planters has been done tailored, due to the distribution of the elements on the terrace. On the central part of the enclosure, a door that coincides…

Flower pots in Restaurant Palomeque, Zaragoza

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Installation of 4 planters with wheels, 4 + 4 mm laminated glass, LED lighting and two backlit signs with the corporate image of the premises, located on Calle Agustín Palomeque in Zaragoza.
El cerramiento con jardinera visto desde otro lado.

Enclosure in Restaurant-Cafeteria La Fuente

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We have put an enclosure with planters in the Restaurant-Cafeteria La Fuente, located at Carrer Pi i Maragall, 46. The enclosure consists of two planters of 150x80x42 cm, with laminar glass. The parasols are incoporated inside the planters,…
Jardinera en restaurante

Jardineras en Restaurant Equilibri

Jardineras en restaurante En el Restaurante Equilibri, situado en la calle Serdenya 414.   Se realizó un cerramiento con jardineras, vidrios con estructura de soporte y luz led.

Obrador dels 15: Cerramiento con jardineras

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Nuestro cerramiento con jardineras Está ubicado en la panadería Obrador dels 15, en la calle Navas de Tolosa, 401. El montaje se ha realizado con jardineras fijas y abatibles, con sus respectivos vidrios. Estos vidrios están hechos…